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Conservas Anda hereby guarantees to preserve the privacy of any personal data provided by users when completing the contact form available on this website and in browsing the website’s content, in accordance with the legal provisions pursuant to Spain’s Personal Data Protection Act (Organic Law 15/1999), of 13 December, since confidentiality is not a privilege, but a fundamental right. The main purpose of this notification is that users may freely and voluntarily determine whether or not they wish to provide Conservas Anda with their personal data so that, in future, Conservas Anda may contact them.

The purpose of compiling and processing the data provided by users is none other than for their use in contacting customers.

Users consent to allow Conservas Anda to process these data, which will be included in a file owned by Conservas Anda, at all times guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality in processing all data compiled from users.

Conservas Anda has implemented the legally required security measures to protect personal data and has installed all measures and technical means that are available to it to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access or robbery thereof.

Furthermore, users may at any time exercise their right to access, amend, cancel and oppose any processing of their personal data, by means of written communication to the e mail address which appears at the bottom of this page.

In no case shall Conservas Anda use personal data provided by users for purposes other than those indicated above, except with users express prior consent.

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