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Conservas Anda begins its history with the efforts of its founder: Florentino Anda Hernández, who became determined to Toro from Calahorra set up his business. After the difficult early years, in which even had to give many lots of products to prove they were good, got a place on the market.

Florentino Anda received June 28th, 2000 the dedication medal business, a well deserved award in recognition of his years of dedication to the conserving industry.

Historical pictures

The secret to staying on the market for years, in the words of its founder: "Be honest and meeting people, not to damage anyone".. Currently, Conservas Anda maintaining the family character that gave its founder and continues to carry the table top garden products.

Interview with Florentino Anda in La Opinión de Zamora in June 2000
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